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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:46 am 
Joined: Wed Dec 29, 2004 12:37 am
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Walked into Circuit City yesterday and find the WinTV PVR-150 on sale. Sweet. Time to try again (last time was with a Pinnacle Studio PC-TV Pro and a NVidia Ti4200)

System: Dual PIII mboard with 1 PIII 1Ghz CPU, 1.5GB Ram, 250GB IDE disk, Hauppage WinTV PVR-150, NVidia FX5500, Dlink G520 (atheros wifi), Intel pro/100 ethernet on motherboard. Network is a local lan with 192.168 addresses, non-routable with a Squid proxy connected to a wifi port. Additionally, wifi is setup with WEP, key 4 (though to date, I have yet to see one application actually setup a new WIFI connection correctly with WEP and a wepkey != 1, or to make it obvious how it should be setup)

Once I got the tuner hooked up on cable and got my Zap2It account setup, I went forward with the install.

First attempt:

Setup lan port, figure I can use the squid proxy. See nothing that indicates that it's working, find out nothing else is working. Restart.

* If I have a lan port with a static IP address, shouldn't the KnoppMyth installer query about a http/ftp proxy on the lan? In this case, if it did this, I would expect it to be able to download the latest NVIDIA driver at first reboot.

Second attempt:

Same thing, though I setup /etc/wgetrc to pickup the proxy before starting the installer. This works, but doesn't pickup the auto-update for the NVIDIA driver. Mess up the config with the tuner, and decide to start again

Third attempt:

Try wireless (ath0) several times, but can't find the right sequence to get KnoppMyth to use ath0 to connect to the AP using a WEP Key and a wepkey index of 4. If this can be done using the current interface, how about a nice example of how the config should look? Reinstall just to make sure several reboots didn't make the installer a bit wonky.

Fourth attempt:

Go back to setting up the wgetrc before the installer starts. While I'm at it, I test the waters with the ath0 interface and successfully am able to connect through the access point (all I need is an ESSID, encryption on/off, my encyrption key and the key index). Disable /etc/wgetrc since wifi is working. Get caught in /etc/network/interfaces setting up ath0 when the installer starts up (I figured I'd still have access to the xterm). Goes through the install and I forget that /etc/wgetrc is no longer proxied and I didn't finish the setup of the wifi for boot. Reboot gets messy but reconfigure the wifi to start on boot, and reboot and that comes up. Do a few configuration items, hit WATCH TV and am pleased with the fact that the Hauppage remote just works, though all I'm getting is static. A quick view of the FAQ for the PVR-150 says I might need to update the firmware and the ivtv software.

Read the wiki on updating PVR-150 and ivtv and run through that, as well as the information on the ivtv site. Find out that the script won't work on
the later versions of the pvr_250_350 driver, so I punt and go back to the originals for that, but use the latest pvr_150_500 firmware. Recheck my work, and reboot.

Linux sees the updates and likes the tuner this time. However, my backend will not start. Try all the tricks from the wiki I can find, and nothing works. The backend just will not start (or stay running). Give up for the night.

So to recap, my issues during the install that I think need attention:

1) if lan is local/static, or otherwise might require an http/ftp proxy, ask for one and use it (ie update to NVIDIA drivers, guide updates, etc)

2) if wan, make it possible for those of us using WEP and a wep key != 1 be able to bring up wifi. (Comments about ineffectiveness of WEP ignored. I have other OS's which don't support WPA, and WEP is my only option currently. Better WEP than open).

despite the problems, I'm thinking deep thoughts about getting another PVR-150 to have TV in my office, while this one will take it's place next to my Cable box (Can't believe the luck of having the PVR-150 now including an IR blaster...)


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