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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:41 pm 
Joined: Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:16 pm
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After running a test install of R5.5 on a spare hard drive on my
PVR350 LVM system and finding that I could work around the
issues (TVout flicker, LIRC dropping 95% of presses, shutdown
not powering off) I decided to take the plunge and upgrade
to R5.5

I made a mysqldump of the recording related tables in the
database (to use to make the new system know which
episodes had already been recorded to attempt to just
copy the recordings and bring along the database if
upgrade failed).

I gathered all the table names from the posts here:
and did this:
mysqldump -c -u mythtv -pmythtv -t mythconverg \
oldrecorded people record recorded recordedcredits \
recordedprogram recordedrating recordedmarkup \
recordedseek > recordings.sql
(remove the \'s if you paste it all on one line) to make the mysqldump.

"Upgrade" produced a ?mount? error, garbling part of the
progress meter (because of LVM?). This doesn't appear to
have been more than a cosmetic issue, but could be related to
the errors that followed so I mention it.

At the start of Phase 2 I did Ctrl-Alt-F1 and ran ""
which worked fine. Don't do this unless you know that
you have LVM.

Pop back to X (Ctrl-Alt-F7) and enter root password.
Said no to DHCP and configured a static IP address.
Said no to bootsplash.
Yes to rrd and enabled everything except UPS monitoring.
Said yes to romdb.
Said no to screensaver.
Said no to foldingathome.

The "Updating database......." phase wrote dots forever (an
hour) and I pressed Ctrl-C and rebooted as suggested in
several other posts.

Nothing was visible on ether the monitor or the TV at this
point so I ssh'ed in and ran and rebooted
as suggested in another post. That got some output going
to the TV.

The TV output worked after that but I got "c7 Respawning too
fast" and muddled through to set /dev/fb to /dev/fb0 in
/etc/X11/xorg.conf That got my X up and working.

The rest of setup did not run (like no LIRC, etc.) and I did
not know how to restart it or more importantly what might get
messed up by running it a second time. Seeing other posts
that suggested that a clean install was better than an upgrade
under certain conditions I gave up on the "front door" upgrade.


I booted a Knoppix disk (KM to the command prompt option
would probably work too) and dd'ed the root partition of my
good, working "test install (clean) hard disk" to overwrite my
root partition. Something like this should work:
dd bs=1M if=/dev/hdd1 of=/dev/hda1
Here my test disk (source) was hdd and my failed upgrade
disk (destination) was hda. Should take 3 to 10 minutes.

Of course LILO just spit 99's on the monitor after that and I
had to do a boot record rescue:
boot from KM 5.5 CD
choose to go to the command prompt
mount /media/hda1
edit /media/hda1/etc/lilo.conf (I used vi, but nano is probably there too)
--and tweak all of the file paths (that don't start with /dev) from /whatever to /media/hda1/whatever,
run "lilo -C /media/hda1/etc/lilo.conf"
(your hard drive may be something different than hda1)
That got me a working system where all I had to do was
get the database restored. Note that you should put lilo.conf
back the way it was once you get it booting.

The capture card "sourceid" did not match so I fiddled
with removing and re-adding capture cards in mythtv-setup
till I got the new recording files in /myth/tv to start with the
same thousands digit as my old system used. This command
is helpful. Use it instead of actually generating recordings:
mysql mythconverg -e "select cardid, videodevice, defaultinput from capturecard"
(all on one line)

I used this mysql command to put the recordings info back
in the database from the files I created with mysqldump:
mysql -f -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg < recordings.sql
The recordings.sql is of course the one you created with
mysqldump on the old system.

I ran mythfilldatabase.

After this I had a working system with all my old recordings;
and knew which episodes I had already recorded.

Perhaps someone else with a PVR-350 can benefit from these



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