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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:32 am 
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I've got everything standing by to do an upgrade on my MBE from R5F27 to R5.5

Since my existing MBE's hard drive is near capacity, I am adding an additional drive.

The new drive is SATA, the existing drive is PATA. Since my old MBE's mainboard doesn't support SATA, I am also planning to install a new mainboard.

I do want to keep all data on the existing drive intact.

The current MBE has a small 30GB hard drive, for / , /swap, and a mounted /media partition. Contents of the /media partition are not important, and this drive will be retired during the upgrade.
The second drive is a 750Gb , with a second /swap and the remainder mounted as /myth. Both drives are PATA.

The proposed MBE would add a new 1TB SATA drive, with a / partition, a /swap, and the balance partitioned as /tv2
The existing drive would be re-installed as the second /swap. and /myth.

My plans are to do the following:

1. Perform a system backup on the current MBE, and verify that it worked.

2. Document all current tuner/channel/transcoding settings.

3. Disassemble the MBE, swap out the mainboard, reinstall the tuners in the exact same PCI slots as the current configuration. Hopefully this will keep the tuner assignments stable across the mainboard swap, since certain cards use certain types of inputs. Alternately I can just delete them all and reconfigure as needed.

4. Install the new SATA HD

5. Following the instructions in the Pamphlet for a Manual install of R5.5 (because of the new SATA HD), create and format the / , /swap , /cache and /myth partitions.
(BTW, what is the purpose of the /cache partition, and what size should it be?)

6. Load configuration for SATA

7. Configure for installation

8. Start installation

9. When installation is complete, shutdown instead of rebooting. The new installation should take care of any hardware differences between the old mainboard and the new one, correct?

10 Boot with Qparted live CD and reformat the newly created /myth partition on the SATA drive to /tv2. Shutdown.

11. Install the PATA HD, containing the old /myth partition. Restart the system.

11. When the system restarts, enter the wrong password as per the Manual upgrade instructions. Edit fstab to mount the PATA HD as /myth and the SATA partition as /tv2 at /myth/tv2. Manually mount the PATA HD and create a mountpoint at /myth/tv2. Reboot

12. When the system restarts again, enter the wrong password, then follow the instructions for a manual upgrade.

If my line of thinking is correct, and all of the above have been done, I should at this point be at the normal point of a upgrade install, with all data from the pre-existing MBE intact. Fast forward to tjc's R5.5 Hints.

I am assuming that by setting up the correct info for the storage groups /myth/tv and /myth/tv2, the new MBE should now be able to access the old data on /myth/tv, plus begin using the new storage space on /myth/tv2. Since the existing /myth/tv only has about 12% capacity available, is there any reason to move data from /myth/tv to /myth/tv2, and if so, will the MBE be able to find those recordings once moved?

Once I've verified that the new MBE is functioning correctly, I will then proceed to do auto upgrades on the frontends to R5.5 so that they can access the new MBE.

Can anyone see something I might have missed?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:00 am 
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Hi Dave,

How did things go? Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier.



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