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Solved R6 instalationproblem- Jamed at Host Settings -Solved
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Author:  Digriz77 [ Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Solved R6 instalationproblem- Jamed at Host Settings -Solved

[b]Below was my original post. Incase others have same trouble. I checked my logs and found it was a ram issue.... Looks like 256meg of ram wasnt enough for the installer. I put in a spare 1gb ram stick and now everything is working.[/b]


Was all excited, got the ok to do a fresh install of R6 from the wife.

I didnt get far. I have downloaded the iso from mysettopbox burned it at 4 speed. When i install i get to the "Host Settings" screen where it lets me for a second start to chose which type of install I want but then freezes. The keyboard totally stops working. Nums lock or caps lock doesnt make the keyboard lights go. I have left it for a while but it totaly locks up.... cant even eject the disc.

I have a P4 2.66ghz machine with 256meg ram. I have a dvico pci plus card and a tinytwin usb tuners. 320gb ide hardrive.

Anyone know what im doing wrong?
I thoughts id solved this but it was just a fluke when i took out the usb. I get stuck at the same place.... At the host settings screen if i dont quick smart click finish it gets stuck there otherwise it goes to a blue screen and gets stuck there.

Please help

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