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[SOLVED] Offline system update
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Author:  dfdario [ Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  [SOLVED] Offline system update

I have MBE installed and working with 6.03 + all updates.
Now I wish to add an FTE but after install finished Frontend couldn't start because MBE has a newer backend protocol.
As FTE is not connected to Internet I couldn't easily update it.
Is there any possibility to update current LinHES 6.03 ISO install CD or to install updated files downloading them from the repository and then installed locally?

Even having LinHES 6.03 updated to last updates wouldn't be a bad idea.

Author:  christ [ Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm not sure what is going on.

If you installed 6.03 on the MBE and you installed 6.03 on your FE then the protocol will be the same.

If you however applied updates to your MBE after installation it will obtain the latest mythtv. I thought 6.03 was using mythtv 0.23.1 but it may only be 0.23 in which case the update brought it to 0.23.1 causing the protocol mismatch.

My advice would be to either stick with 6.03 without updates or temporarily connect the FE to the internet for updates. I don't understand your constraints but since the MBE obviously had internet access and the FE must be able to see the MBE to work then I would assume it is not difficult for the FE to see the internet.

Author:  dfdario [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Since I am using LinHES I probably posted this question in the wrong section mainly because of different OS adopted.
Thanks christ for the reply. You are right, that's the fastest way to perform the update and is what I have already did before. Now my real concern is to replicate the system in a place where there is no Internet connection available so I am trying to figure out what effort it would need.
As of the time being I have found this link that explain how to update the system off line: but I haven't tried it yet.
What I'm trying to suggest to maintainers is to have a rolling system installer hence if I need to install a new system with last available packages I just have to download the ISO file and install it tout cur. This would be useful also in the case where I wish to run the FE from USB without installation and my BE have been updated to MythTV 0.23.1.
Talking about Linux OSs as far as I know only Mint is doing such as thing.
So far I am able to install the complete system and configuration in half an hour because of off line packages and a script that does the most of work (change the language to Italian, installs: vnc, wines, TvXb; configure remote, ntp etc.), now I wish to have last available packages installed and in parallel further simplify my installation by not needing the system being connected to Internet.
In any case LinHES is great!

Author:  mattbatt [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:06 am ]
Post subject: 

I am really confused.
The simple solution
1)unplug your computer and take the computer to a place with internet.
2)install 6.03 (skip this step if already accomplished)
3)update it
4)unplug it and move it to where ever it is that you want it to go
5)configure it however you need to.
6)Don't update the frontend or the backend! Just don't! It's an appliance not a laptop, it doesn't need daily updates. If you feel the need to update go back to step 1
You are asking the Devs to spend weeks figuring out how to make "service packs" when you're setup is fairly unique and non-standard.

How in the world is your local network configured so that your backend has access to the web but not your frontend, but your FE has access to your BE.
If you are trying to make a FE-BE system for grandma who lives in the country and doesn't have internet then why bother to update it more than once a year? If the BE doesn't have access to the internet how are you going to get schedules?

Author:  goofee [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:58 am ]
Post subject: 

I remember seeing under Service Menu -> LinHES Config -> Advanced Settings -> page 1 of 3 there is an option for local mirror. The help text at the bottom says "Keep a local copy of the packages. Allow other frontends to install from the local copy"

I think that's probably something like what your looking for but I've never used it and have no idea how to configure your frontend only to look for the backend instead of the regular repositories.

Another option is the installed packages are cached at /data/var/cache/pacman/pkg/ on the backend. You could copy them over to the frontend and install them manualy with 'pacman -U packagename' but you you might have fun finding all the packages that need to be upgraded.

Good luck.

Author:  dfdario [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:06 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks you guys
I would explain better.
I wish to install a complete MBE + FE system 250 km away from home. While MBE will be prepared and updated at home (Internet is available) FE will not.
Following what inside ... f_packages I prepared a script that should solve my problem but not tested yet.
While at home I have to run:
mkdir updir
sudo pacman -Sup --noconfirm > pkglist_tmp
sed -n -e '/^http:/p' pkglist_tmp > pkglist # remove all lines that not begin with http:
cd updir
wget -nv -i ../pkglist
repo-add updir.db.tar.gz *.pkg.tar.gz
cp -R $dir/updir /media/{USB_directory}
cp $dir/pkglist media/{USB_directory}

While to install later ...

cp -R /media/{USB_directory}/updir ./
cp /media/{USB_directory}/pkglist ./
if ! sed /[updir]/g /etc/pacman.conf ) ; then sudo echo -e "[updir]\nServer = file:///"$dir"/updir" >> /etc/pacman.conf ; fi
sudo pacman -Sy
sudo pacman -S $(< pkglist)

Next week I will give it a shot
Hope it will work

Author:  dfdario [ Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:22 am ]
Post subject: 

Now finished testing scripts are listed below.
This obviously will work if the two systems (on-line and off-line) have comparable hardware otherwise procedure won't fit your expectation.

# Script to be executed on the system which has Internet connection
mkdir updir
sudo pacman -Syup --noconfirm > pkglist_tmp
sed -n -e '/^http:/p' pkglist_tmp > pkglist # remove all lines that not begin with http:
rm pkglist_tmp
cd $dir/updir
wget -nv -i ../pkglist
repo-add updir.db.tar.gz *.pkg.tar.gz
cd ..
# this command must be executed to store data on USB storage
# Uncomment the line and change {USB_directory} to the desired USB device folder (eg. /media/HTPC)
#cp -R $dir/updir /media/{USB_directory}

# Execute this script on the off-line system you wish update
# this command must be executed prior the script execution
# Uncomment the line ans change {USB_directory} to the folder where files are stored (eg. /media/HTPC)
# cp -R /media/{USB_directory}/updir ./
if ! grep "\[updir\]" "/etc/pacman.conf" ; then
   if ! [ -f /etc/pacman.conf.bak ]; then sudo cp /etc/pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf.bak ; fi
   sudo sed -i '
      /^\[core\]/i \
[updir] \
Server = file:///'$dir'/updir \
      ' /etc/pacman.conf
sudo pacman -Syu

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