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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 3:50 pm 
Joined: Thu Dec 15, 2005 3:39 pm
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Hello, I have a ze5000 series laptop with a broken screen and a bad hd controller that would be awesome for a set top box since it has s-video out, and works when hooked to a monitor. I have a k-world cardbus tv tuner that should work with bttv I hope.

I'd like to install on a usb hard drive, since the hd controller is bad. The laptop has integrated infrared and a cd/dvd drive, that does seem to work only after the machine is booted, I know because I have booted from a win98 floppy disk and the cd drive works. Is there a way I can boot knoppix from USB after some type of possible boot loader running from floppy, or is there a way I can just boot it straight off of usb like some of the other linux distros can do? I was thinking I could install it to the hard drive while in another computer, then install the hard drive in the external enclosure, and try to boot directly from usb in the laptop? I doubt that would work since all the paths in the boot sequence would be pointing to /dev/hd0 instead of the usb device, plus the wrong device drivers would be loaded. Is there a way I can change that?

I have tried booting from cd, however the unit won't boot from cd since I believe the cd drive is set for slave or on the secondary controller and may not be recognized by the bios since it did boot when the ide hard drive was installed. I have tried installing knoppmyth directly onto the usb drive from another laptop booted from the cd, but the install hangs after partitioning. I really don't know which direction to take from this point. Please help! :D :?: :?: :?: :roll:.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 2:18 am 
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I have done something similar with CentOS once not related to MythTV. It required a initrd with usb-storage support. Also during the initial boot the external disk is called /dev/hda (the BIOS emulates IDE for the first steps). Once the usb-storage module loads the external disk is called /dev/sda. At some point a pivot root is done. The initrc script needed to be changed to allow the change of /dev/hda to /dev/sda. Furthermore /etc/fstab must match the right device names.

Whether KnoppMyth can do this depends on it's kernel / initrd support and initrc scripts. I found it easier with CentOS to install to the built-in harddisk first, then change /etc/fstab and it's initrc script and build that harddisk in the external USB enclosure.

It can probably be done, but it requires to look into all steps during bootup.

Here's some info that I have used:

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:19 pm 
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I am wondering if you had a chance to install on a USB drive, I am planning on doing the same thing and I am looking for some relevant experience. My objective is to intsall KnoppMyth on a USB drive permanently and boot from it.

Please share your experience if you have done this. Thanks.


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