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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:58 pm 
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I have installed R4V2 way back when ... :-) and have made upgrades to mythtv and lirc and other packages/libraries I don't care to recall over the year(s). I am now ready to upgrade to the latest version (R5A30.1) but I am hesitant because I am unsure as to what the chances are for a seamless upgrade.

Originally I used a 'manual install' as I had 2 HDs in the computer. For reasons I no longer recall this is the current layout of the land for me:
/dev/hda2 2427244 2298700 5248 100% /
/dev/root.old 2182 338 1844 16% /initrd
/dev/hda6 8826796 1820 8824976 1% /cache
/dev/hdb5 78140652 64865468 13275184 84% /myth

The documentation at ... utoupgrade states that: "When you do an Auto Upgrade, hda1 is wiped clean". As you can see my / is on hda2 :-( What does this mean?

Q.Will I be able to use 'auto-upgrade' and have the install script correctly install into hda2?
Q. Will I loose the info on the /hdb5?
Q. Will the install script correctly pick up my links to my old drives?


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:50 pm 
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Don't upgrade to A30.2. The next releases is hours way (you can measure 7 days as 168 hrs, just remember that when you don't see it anytime in the next 12 hours...). There are no provision for pickup /myth unless it with via auto-upgrade. So, you'll have to do another manual install. When the system reboots and X starts, enter the wrong root password. <alt><x> to open and xterm then touch .upgrade. Then simply restart fluxbox (right click on the desktop, you'll see it). Search for greater details, but this is really there is to it.


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