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Author:  JeffElkins [ Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  SATA

I've been running MCE2K5 with a Hauppage 500 and MS remote/keyboard. All was well. However, I decided to reinstall /reconfig (added a 400GB sata drive to hold my DVD collection ripped to DivX.) Anyhow, MS decided that I needed to speak to a tech support person in India (based on the accent) iin order to "activate" my legally purchased copy of MCE2K5, since the system was so different from my origiinal install.

This pissed me off.

I'd like to dump MCE and move to Myth. How much of a PITA will it be to make debian recognize my 400GB sata drive? It will not be boot, nor will Myth record to it (200GB IDE for that.)

I also understand that Myth now will recognize the MCE2K5 remote/irblaster. I'd like not to have to buy more stuff!This last week, I reconfiged my system.

Appreciate any feedback...

Author:  cecil [ Mon Mar 20, 2006 12:52 am ]
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KnoppMyth -> Installation is for questions related to installing KnoppMyth. While KnoppMyth is Debian based, if you have a Debian specific question then I suggest you take it to Linux -> General. Having said that, doing a install on a SATA with KnoppMyth is a manual process. Some folks have has issues, but I cannot pinpoint the source as SATA installs for me have worked w/o issue.

It isn't up to MythTV to recognize a MCE remote. This is up to LIRC. While I don't have a MCE remote, folks have reported success.

Author:  JeffElkins [ Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:02 am ]
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Thanks for the reply, and sorry if I posted in the wrong area.
Where should I post regarding my pre-install issues?

1. MCE2K5 Remote.
2. Non-boot SATA storage


Author:  MTisza [ Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:29 am ]
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I have hed succuss with an IDE/SATA install, the misleading part was the doumentation said that for a SATA install I have to use the /KNOPPIX/koppmyth-sata config file. This is only trues if the SATA drive is where you want to put alll the files.
What I did was put the swap and root partitions on IDE and the /myth partition on SATA. If this is what you want do the following:

After creating at least three partitions (/, swap, /myth) you get to the step where you would load the configuration file, but first press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<F3> this will switch you to a shell, where you should do the following:
format and set the mount point for the sata drive with "mke2fs -j -O sparse_super -m0 -i8000000 -L myth -M /myth /dev/sda1"
on the above command remember to substitute sda1 with whichever partition you wasnt to use for /myth. look at the man page for mke2fs for details on this command.
"cp /KNOPPIX/knoppmyth /home/knoppix/knoppmyth.config"
use vi or pico to edit /home/knoppix/knoppmyth.config
you need to change the /myth partition which is near the top of the file from /hda3 to /sda1 (or whichever sata partition you want to use).
save changes and press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<F1> to get back to the manual install menu. Then load config file /home/knoppix/knoppmyth.config, then "configure installation" then "start installation". when done type reboot at the prompt.

If you confirm that this works I will attempt to change the wiki instuctions to include this.

Author:  JeffElkins [ Mon Mar 20, 2006 9:10 am ]
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