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ABIT PII-era motherboards and capture cards
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Author:  dannysauer [ Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  ABIT PII-era motherboards and capture cards

I have a couple of old machines that I tried to get working as Myth boxes. One board is a BP-6 (dual socket 370 celerons) and the other is a BH-6 (single slot-1, supports Celeron, PII and PII). Earlier I tried and failed to get an ATA-133 addon card to work, but then when I tried KnoppMyth, I found that my newPVR-150 also didn't work. Upon closer inspection, I found that both cards which "didn't work" were combination 3.3/5V cards (two notches on the bottom). Apparently, the Abit boards made in the late 90's didn't properly support 3.3V cards (notch near back of case), or dual-voltage cards (2 notches, including the 5V notch near the front of the case on the PCI slot).

So, beware of those boards. I bought an Intel board on eBay with a faster processor included for about $20 shipped, stuck it in with the "non-functional cards", and things magically just worked great. If you're looking to use old hardware with new capture cards, basically just avoid Abit motherboards. They're good for other uses, but just not with new cards. Since the PCI standard got rid of 5V support in 2000 (or 2002, I forget), all new PCI devices *should* be designed for 3.3V boards, and theus, may well give problems in an old Abit board.

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