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PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 4:32 am 
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LinHES forums are a primary source of support from the users' community. But the search feature of phpBB forum seems to me broken: its query syntax is so loose that's hard to get rid of loud noise among search results.

As an example, typing in the search field
R6.01.00 AND SIS

gives back 184 "matching" results

and typing
R6.02.00 AND SIS

gives back the very same 184 "matching" results (cough, cough...)

Likely, the text string "R6.02.00" is not understood by the search tool as a single string, even if there is no space there, but as three discontinuous elements. Worse, elements are linked by an implied OR operator: R6 OR 02 OR 00. Not better, the AND operator actually acts as a NEAR operator, adding even more noise to search results. Of course, most of the output is just made of false "matching" results. Wrapping the string into quotes has just no effect.

Is there a way to better submit queries to phpBB search engine (for instance using regular expressions or escape signs), or that AND operator is the best that can be entered ? If there is no work around to refine better search results, it strongly degrades our forums' utility. Think about populating a database with precious data, and having no way to access to the records. :roll:

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PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 7:33 am 
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someone one this forum suggested using google in the past... works well for me
Code: R6.01.00 SIS

Interestingly, doesnt return this thread... maybe there is a delay in the indexing?

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