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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:30 am 
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I was tampering with some custom-builds of lcdproc and mythlcdserver and during this I installed som qt3/4 packages and updated some stuff. Clumsy as I am I missed the part where apt-get told me that it was going to upgrade Samba too.
So it installed a 3.4.2 of samba which I could not get working. It wouldnt recognize any of my old users and I could not seem to add them again to smbpasswd in any way.
According to various posts this new version has some changes relating to password-handling and reading of the smbpasswd-file (im no expert though, but you could check this out for furter reference: Redhat and trouble with samba after update and this: Read the 3.4.0-part about new smbpasswd-handling)

I gave up trying to get it working and since then I've downloaded various versions of Samba and build them from scratch. My biggest hope is a 3.2.5 that builds succesfully and I even persuaded it to install the system-binaries in /usr/bin instead of /usr/sbin with the --exec-prefix flag.

Now, Im on thin ice here as Im not quite sure what Im doing :roll:
I have removed 3.4.2 with "apt-get remove samba" but I cant make the 3.2.5 "fit" my system. I had some trouble where it could not find but an "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/samba/lib" fixed that problem. At least for that session. But I suspect that this is "not the way to do it properly" ;)
Then whenever I "sudo smbd" it just runs once and exits. No error-messages. I also tried "sudo smbd -F -d 10" and so on, but not a sound from it. It just seems to start and then return to commandline. "ps ax |grep smb" reveals nothing.

My question is, is there a nice way to do downgrade via apt-get so that I avoid all this "trial-and-error" hacking. And if so, how ?
I tried messing with "apt-get install samba=3.2.4" and different variations but none seem to work.
I also tried getting one of those .deb packages but Im uncertain about how to make apt-get or dpkg install it.
Another headache is how to make the /etc/init.d/samba script to work with the installation that i hopefully get working with some help from you guys.

EDIT: Sorry guys, I feel kinda stupid because most of the above must be complete nonsense :cry:
I got it working by "apt-get install reinstall" all-the-samba-stuff and one of my problems, a missing smbpasswd-executable got solved when reinstalling samba-common-bin. It appears that I messed up and only upgraded the samba-package and missed upgrading all the tools in my previous attempts.
I did have to create new passwords for my users again even though I had the smbpasswd-file from the previous install.


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