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Older box DTV - need to change default watch tv tuner card
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Author:  lanend [ Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Older box DTV - need to change default watch tv tuner card

I have a P3 1.2GHz with a PVR-150 and a Kworld 115 running R5F27. Obviously, that is too slow for how do I change the "watch Tv" function to the PVR-150 so I can watch live TV while it is still available (and I save up for a new box)? I figure for the HD I can record & transcode to what the box can handle (it plays back 720p mp4 fine.)

BTW, the PVR-150 is /dev/video1, the V4L portion of the Kworld is /dev/video0 (analog portion unused.)

Thanks for any help.

Author:  jzigmyth [ Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Older box DTV - need to change default watch tv tuner ca

lanend wrote:
so how do I change the "watch Tv" function to the PVR-150?
On my system, watch live tv uses the first tuner card that was defined during the setup process (assuming it isn't recording something at the time, then it would pick the next available tuner). So you would need to delete all your tuners in the myth setup and re-define them doing the PVR-150 first.

There might be a simpler way using priorities or something, but this is the only way that I know about.

Author:  tjc [ Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:51 pm ]
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I believe that you can still set the priority when you associate the input with the guide data (video source). Under "Input Connections" select the card you want to be used first, and at the top of the 2nd page bump it's priority up from 0. The cards are selected from higher to lower priority.

I actually need to do that for my old PVR cards since the PVR-250 seems to be flaking out a bit (possibly overheating?), and every so often it ends up with half the screen frozen at some point in the recording. Two recent attempts to record the same movie ended up roached as a result.

Author:  RacerX [ Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:21 pm ]
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This afternoon I tested out a fix on my R6 test box since that was also having the issue.I have a PVR-250, and Air2pc card. What was happening was the default tuner was always the PRV-250 which I don't really use right now. So I made the change that TJC suggested and then tried watching tv and it would still default to the PVR-250. Then I went into setup and removed my tuner cards and then setup the Air2pc first and then the PVR-250 second just as jzigmyth suggested . This fixed it but I had to rerun mythfilldatabase to update the guide. :)

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