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Flag Commercials Myth 0.25.2
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Author:  tscholl [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Flag Commercials Myth 0.25.2

One thing I have noticed is that mythcommflag is running against programs that are being watch as Live TV ... What's with this?
Why burn cpu cycles for nothing. I've never noticed this before in previous versions.

Also from the myhty-users this comment:
On released prior to .25 if I deleted a show while the commercial
detection was running the task would end once I removed the recording.
 With my install of .25.2 the detection script keeps running and the
file is not deleted from the file system until after it is complete.
How can I get the behavior I am used to seeing?

I'm also getting errors from mythcommflag against those programs as well.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

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