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mythtv:--Screenshots/Fanart/... saved in Theme directory
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Author:  Girkers [ Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  mythtv:--Screenshots/Fanart/... saved in Theme directory

I was having some issues with downloading metadata and I ended up tracing the problem to being out of space on my Frontend in the /home directory. I tracked it down to being Coverart/Fanart/Screenshots from movies I have updated on the Frontend. I run a separate Frontend/Backend setup as my backend is Virtual I don't access it directly unless I really have too, thus I do my metadata updates on the Frontend.

This seems to cause an issue with the data being saved in the themecache directory and even though I can go and delete the files they still appear in MythTV.

How can I track down why the files are being saved in this directory and not being deleted, I only have a small SSD in my Frontend so I want to much sure it doesn't get cluttered up?


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