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Handbrake in LinHES R8.3
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Author:  winnpeny [ Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Handbrake in LinHES R8.3

I'm trying to shrink the size of some recordings. I went the the "Watch Listings" screen, highlighted a recording, pressed the "m" key to bring up the menu, went to "Job Options" > "Begin Handbrake Transcode". There was no feedback, so I went to the "Information Center" > "System Status" > "Job Queue" screen where the recording I had selected was shown in red font. In the "Details" area at the bottom of the screen it said
Today's Home Remodeler
WCCO-DT 4_1 @ Sat May 24, 4:59AM
Job: Handbrake Transcode Status: Errored (mythtv)
ERROR: User Job returned non-zero, check logs.

Off I went to /var/log/2016-04-04 and did a "grep brake *.log". The only result was:
mythtv_mythbackend.log:2016-04-04T08:42:06.094618-05:00 mythbackend[2307]: I UserJob_4911 jobqueue.cpp:2409 (DoUserJobThread) JobQueue: Started Handbrake Transcode for "Today's Home Remodeler" recorded from channel 1041 at 2014-05-24T09:59:00Z

From a terminal, I did a "which handbrake" and got no results.

I ran myth-setup and looked at Job Commands. For the job description "Handbrake Transcode" the command was:
/home/mythtv/HBtranscode.bash "%DIR%" ...

I looked in my /home/mythtv folder, there is no HBtranscode.bash.

Is there someone using this feature that can tell me where to find HBtranscode.bash and if there is any other setup I need to perform to make this work?

This is on an R8.3 system. Thanks for your help.


Author:  brfransen [ Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Handbrake in LinHES R8.3

I don't think that is anything default to LinHES. I can't find anything in our source named that and a script like that would not have been placed in /home but rather in /usr/LH/bin. Maybe it is something you added and forgot about?

We do include /usr/LH/bin/myth2mkv which uses Handbrake and is meant to be used as a user job. Instructions for adding it as a user job are in the script.

Author:  winnpeny [ Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Handbrake in LinHES R8.3


I did a fresh install of R8.3 in a VM and discovered there is no "Handbrake Transcode" user job. This must of been something I saw and added many upgrades ago and had since forgotten about.

BUT, I did see the stock R8.3 release has a user job called "Encode to x264" that uses handbrake. I typed in this user job, kicked it off, and I can see that it is running; all the prerequisites are in place.

Sorry for the red herring.


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