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Should I re-install or....?
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Author:  luxluthor [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Should I re-install or....?


Short Summary:

Upgraded old system to linhes 6.03, and when just finishing with configuring stuff, system shuts down, never to boot again. New motherboard (gigabyte h55 usb3), processor (i3-530) and ram (2GB) seems to work fine, but booting off old disk didn't work.

Found out about the kernel26-fallback.img, mv'd that to kernel26.img and it boots! It grumbles about the Intel display card (i3-530 has on-board graphics) some other hardware (sound, ethernet). I put in the Nvidia 6200 card, adjust networking and sound in the service menu (the service menu -- so useful!) and things seem to work! So I backed up the 6.03 system.

Q1. Should I do a re-install of linhes 6.03? would that catch the missing hardware of the new system? or is there a better way ? or how to fix-up the boot image? What would an install of linhes 6.03 do to a 6.03 system?

Q2. Is the Intel on-board graphics (HD Graphics) supported? The fewer watts the better.

Thanks for any guidance, so many things I don't know.

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