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PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:27 pm 
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I have a new set up of knoppmyth but I can get past it not finding the capture card I have the same card used in the video at ... ource-dvr/ I got that card so the set-up would have no problems I have all this running on a dell Dimension 8200 I moved the card and still it can't see it, please help me to fix this problem. :cry:

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:14 am 
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I have the Amazing Kreskin sitting next to me with the envelope next to his head and you have a capture card made by ----- wait for it ( You have to be old and had watched OTA US TV to get this one) The envelope is empty, He has no idea what kind of capture card you have.

You got to help us out a little here.

1st your location on the earth. You need to put where you are from in your profile and when we are taking capture cards it is even more important. In the US and Canada it is even nice to have your state / provinces. Capture card manufactures / models change depending on where you live. I might be able to help you out if you are from the US but if you are from Australia, Germany, Norway or 50 other places for instance, I have learned to keep my mouth shut because I don't know squat about their capture hardware. If your location is in your profile the right people living in your area are more likely to help you out with the correct procedures. I wrote this for everyone not just you. It is the first bit of information I look for before I respond to a post.

2nd you have to tell us what manufacture / model the card is. My quick searches couldn't find any cards std in a dell Dimension 8200. You may need to open the case and read the model number off of the card.
You might try
lspci    (if it is a PCI card) or
lsusb   (if it is a USB device)

and post your card information.

3rd What software are you installing? Knoppmyth R5.5 or R27, LinHES 6.02.00 Each version can be a little different. I recommend that you download LinHES 6.02.00 for the most hardware compatibility, also your chances of finding help with LinHES is higher because more people have it installed.

4th The dell Dimension 8200 show a 2.4gh processor. You are on the short side of power if you are trying to playback any digital in the 720 / 1080 range. Most of the OTA (over the air) TV in the US is all in that range. You can record all the digital you want but you will have trouble playing it back. Your machine might work well for you if you are on a cable system that broadcasts analog. The rule of thumb for HD is at least a 2.8 GH minimum.

The easer it is for us to help you (more Information) the more likely it is you are going to resolve your problem.


LinHES R8.6.1


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