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 Post subject: Master and Slave BE
PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:34 am 
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I have a master BE that has three digital tuners in it (2 X ATi HDTV Wonders, 1 pcHDTV 5500) and an identical slave BE that has three analog tuners (3 X PVR150). I began using Mythbuntu 11.04 on them, but the PVR's became unstable, with a lot of error messages like "video frame buffering failed too many times" and others. I tried other distros, but finally landed on LinHES after trying, and failing to get a MythTV install working off of a Arch Linux install. I was very pleased when I noticed that the digital cards and the analog cards just worked, without the need for adding any packages or firmware. I have to hand it to the developers for LinHES...this was a very nice surprise. An even nicer surprise came when I fired up the analog cards, with absolutely no error messages or stability issues. Personally, I believe that this is due to the rock solid platform that is Arch, and so another "atta-boy" goes to the LinHES developers.

My question has to do with how the tuners in Myth are added with respect to the Master BE database. When I configured the slave and master BE's, I noticed something weird. If I added the Master BE tuners first, and then the ones in the slave, I could not see the slave BE tuners on any of the FE's, including the FE on the slave system. However, if I added the slave tuners first, and then the master ones, then all tuners showed up on all the FE's. Like I said, weird. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior? Does it have anything to do with using two different video sources? I have an analog source set up for the three PVRs in the Slave BE and a digital source set up for the digital tuners in the Master.

I had to disable HyperThreading on the P4's in both systems in order to get LinHES to boot, but that is a small price to pay for the stability of the analog tuners. Maybe I can get a hint on how to customize the boot parameters for Arch enough in order to re-enable HT, but for now its fine.

TIA for anyone that replies.


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