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Xbox 360 Media Remote Configuration
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Author:  lesabre [ Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Xbox 360 Media Remote Configuration

Does anyone use an Xbox 360 media remote with LinHES? Microsoft made several revisions over the years. I have the newer, smaller one. It's black with a glossy finish on the front. It's Windows Media Center compatible. I'm surprised that it's not working. I've built several LinHES systems in the past using various media center compatible remotes and they all worked fine. It looks like some files need to be added to ~/remotes/YourRemoteName. I'm not exactly sure what needs to be done.

This remote seems to be very popular. Hopefully it will be supported in the next version of LinHES.

Author:  lesabre [ Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Xbox 360 Media Remote Configuration

I've made some progress on this. Here are the IR codes for the buttons. It uses the RC-6 protocol This list excludes the TV buttons (TV Power, Volume +/-, Mute, Input). Also note that the Play/Pause button alternates two codes when you press it.
Xbox        0x800f7464
Xbox Power  0x800f740c
Yellow      0x800f7426
Blue        0x800f7468
Green       0x800f7466
Red         0x800f7425
Rewind      0x800f7415
Play        0x800f7418
Pause       0x800f7416
Forward     0x800f7414
Replay      0x800f741b
DVDMenu     0x800f7424
Skip        0x800f741a
Record      0x800f7417
Info        0x800f740f   
Up          0x800f741e      
Down        0x800f741f
Left        0x800f7420
Right       0x800f7421
OK          0x800f7422
Guide       0x800f7426
LiveTV      0x800f7425
Back        0x800f7423
Last        0x800f7423
ChannelUp   0x800f746c
ChannelDown 0x800f746d
One         0x800f7401
Two         0x800f7402   
Three       0x800f7403
Four        0x800f7404
Five        0x800f7405
Six         0x800f7406
Seven       0x800f7407
Eight       0x800f7408
Nine        0x800f7409
DISP        0x800f744f
Zero        0x800f7400

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