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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:20 pm 
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I have two Snapstream Firefly RF remotes and they both accept all channel IDs. So both remotes work on both computers. This presented a problem since the remote in the bedroom would change channels on the my masterbackend/FE. These old post shows how to separate the remotes thus giving each their own channel ID.

Basically I need a unique channel number for the one in the bedroom since it conflicts with the Masterbackend/FE. In the meantime I just close out the FE on the Backend when I use the FE in the Bedroom.

So what is proper way, what need to change to make this change since everything is new Lirc 9 and R7. Also my remote is not detected by the Kernel so I use Lirc...


PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:03 am 
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I think the mythtv link is pretty self explanatory. In your other post you mentioned that the files they mention were not in LinHES (but the post must have been subsequently edited or I misremembered because it does not say that now). That is true but the structure is similar.

If you look in "/etc/modprobe.d/" you will see a number of .conf files which have the inequivalent information. Rather than one big file called "aliases" it is broken down by application. During boot, all files in this directory are read. So you should be able to create a file called say "snapstream.conf" and add your relevant lines to it.

The only gotcha I can see is that LinHES *might* be pre-building these files into a boot image. If this is the case then changes in this directory would be ignored other than when built as the boot image would take precedence. I'm pretty sure this is not the case with LinHES as I think I have modified files in this directory before successfully. It is worth a try. You can check your mods with tools like lsmod etc. You can also force changes using tools like rmmod and insmod to reload the driver that you want to make the changes to.

However if LinHES builds a boot image then we will have to ask one of the devs on the relevant commands to rebuild the boot image with your change. It is usually straight forward but I don't know off hand what tool they are using to build the image, if any.

For the lircd.conf changes, the tools mentioned still work fine. You may be able to short cut doing a full "irrecord" session with each remote as it is likely only one key parameter in the associated IR code which changes and is probably the same change in all of the codes. So you may be able to simply try a few buttons to check and then create a suitable mask at the top or manually make the change to each code.

Hope that helps get you going...


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