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pausing live tv in 7.4: time elapsed == entire time
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Author:  manicmike [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  pausing live tv in 7.4: time elapsed == entire time

Has anyone else experienced this? It's a bit annoying.
Sometimes when I pause TV, the time elapsed is the same as the total, and the bar (indicating progress through the file) is 100% green. Here is an example:
I pause the news (ABC1). It says "2:07 of 2:07". Five seconds later it says "2:12 of 2:12".
It's happened every time I've paused live TV until now. Perhaps it only does it with the ABC news, but I just tried to provide a photographic example, and it behaved itself properly!
Someone else must have experienced this. I know I'm not crazy. I'll photograph it tomorrow if I remember, but in the mean time, has anyone else seen the problem?
P.S. Shifting back and forward after pausing is weird too. During 7:30 going forward a minute moved me forward about 30 minutes

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