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LinHES 7.4 Usage / Setup problems
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Author:  TVBox [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  LinHES 7.4 Usage / Setup problems

I have some usage / setup problems in LinHES 7.4

1. How do you restart X. In KM 5.5 it was Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. In LH 8.0 it is Alt+f. What is it for LH 7.4?

2. In older version of MythTV there was a place that you can choose what transcoder is default. I can not find this location in Myth 25.

3.During boot the yellow LinHES screen is displayed on the screen but the right hand and bottom 1/3 is missing. The screen used is located at /home/mythtv/screenshot.png and is a 1280x720 picture. My guess is that it is being displayed in a 800x600 mode. What is the boot location that holds this info. My thoughts where to copy, resize and rename the yellow screen and change the file name in the boot file. I don't want my previous on screen boot information to become so small I cannot read it. Open to all fixes here.

4. Partition / Root is 90% Full. I have looked for anything out of order and everything seems normal to me. I usually start with a search of all files greater than 1MB but that turned up nothing suspect. This started right way after install and gets 1% higher each day when another dated log file is created. I assume that a maximum of 7 log files will me created before housekeeping will start deleting them. Is this true? I have 3 partitions here and my root partition is only 3GB which seems really tight if you instal any other programs. I rechecked the install program and 3GB is what the default setting was. The only fix that I can think of is to make the partition at least a 1/2 gig large.

Actions I preformed from tscholl post:
I run the the command "pacman -Sc" it dropped the /data/var/cache/pacman/pkg/ file size from 208MB to 147MB. Partition fill went from 92% to 90%. Running "" Had no effect. I had ran "Optimize Tables" from the Mythweb page right after installation. Both actions where not enough to stop the screens.

5. Install VNC after install of program is completed: Is there a script to run or a hidden page that you can go to. R8 has a page at >Service Menu>LinHES Settings>Screen Sharing>


Author:  tscholl [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LinHES 7.4 Usage / Setup problems

For # 1 check this post, I think this was yours.

For # 3 check this post.

For # 4 check this one.

Good luck.


Author:  mattbatt [ Thu May 01, 2014 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LinHES 7.4 Usage / Setup problems

To answer #2
hit Alt+S to go to mythvantage setup. Under Recording Profiles-> Transcoders

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