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Will changing freqid work?
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Author:  DoomedTX [ Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Will changing freqid work?

The past two years or so, Suddenlink cable has been changing its lineup around every 3-6 months. Usually when that happens I use the HDHR software to find out what the new channels are, and then I use the mythsetup channel scanner to scan just the frequencies I know contain my channels. After this is done, I still need to insert the xmltvid from SD, change the channel number from the "27-17" format to the "17" format, update the channel name if needed, and find/reconnect icons. It's not hard, but it can be very time consuming. It also makes the current recordings less useful because the old programs no longer display that they were recorded on CBS or whatever.

In the middle of the most recent scan, I noticed that what Suddenlink did was move the freqid's of channel groups while keeping the individual groups in tact. For example, cable channels 17-26 were on 23 (23-17, 23-18 and so on), and they moved that group to 47. I was wondering if I could go into the mythweb channel editor and change the freqid from 23 to 47 and just have it work without all of the other steps I mentioned above. I'm in town only a few days before a 2-week trip, and I just didn't have the time to try it. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it or knows if there's a more efficient way to change the channels when I know that it's only a frequency change like I mentioned above.

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