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DLNA with Yamaha CRXN470D
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Author:  chrism0dwk [ Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  DLNA with Yamaha CRXN470D

Hello All,

First time for me on the LinHES forum, though I've been running LinHES for over a year on an Asus AT3IONT-deluxe system, using a combined MythTV frontend and backend. Mostly, everything has worked really well -- streaming TV around the house with Kodi and other MythTV frontends (TBS6280 tuner card), recording video (after an upset with storage groups), and playing music from my main music repository (regularly copied from my laptop's iTunes media folder).

For Christmas, I bought myself a Yamaha CRXN470D to play music in my office ( I connected it fine to my wireless network, and began to stream media from the UPnP service on the LinHES box. However, tracks play only for approximately 2'36", after which playback moves on to the next track. My Panasonic Viera (NZ firmware) will stream from the LinHES box, but always cuts off the last 10s or so of each track. Related? Not sure.

Debugging DLNA seems rather opaque -- there is nothing I can see in either my Myth frontend or backend logs, and don't appear to be able to see a log on the Yamaha unit.

Any suggestions either on how to sort this out directly, or how to go about debugging would be gratefully received! Thanks!

Happy New Year,


[edit]Sorry, forgot to say: running LinHES 8.4.1 with all updates applied as of 2016-12-31.[/edit]

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