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need help diagnosing random lockups [solved]
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Author:  neutron68 [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  followup

As a little followup to my lockup saga...

My R5.5 Knoppmyth box is still running fine with no lockups since the suspect motherboard swap.

I moved the suspect Asus A8N-VM CSM motherboard (along with CPU and memory) to my Mythbuntu computer (where the onboard video is disabled and there is a PCI-Express video card in use). In that box, the suspect motherboard has not locked up at all. My theory is that the onboard video chip was causing the lockups and now that it is not being used (and not getting hot?), its not causing the system to lock up.


Author:  knappster [ Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: motherboard died?

neutron68 wrote:
knappster wrote:
I replaced the M2NPV-VM with the Abit AN-M2 motherboard, did a fresh install of R7, got everything configured, then the motherboard died 2 days later. I re-seated the Northbridge Heatsink on the M2NPV-VM with Arctic Silver 3, did a fresh install of R7 (again) and it has been running for over a month now without any lockups (knock on wood).

I just thought it was worth mentioning in the event anyone else was having the same problem.

I'm glad you are running without lockups now! I know it was really bothering me!

When you said "the motherboard died", did you mean the motherboard stopped working for good and you replaced it or, that it locked up and you then worked on the Northbridge heatsink?


It's kind of a long story. I had an Abit Motherboard that failed years ago, I RMA'd it, got a replacement, and it failed shortly after. By this time, Abit had gotten out of the Motherboard business, so they were just sending me refurbished boards. Instead of going through the same thing again, I just bought a new Foxconn motherboard for my desktop. I shelved the replacement Abit sent me. Since I was having trouble with the Asus motherboard, I put the Abit board into my mythbox and it worked perfectly for about 2 days, then died (would not post, would not beep, just turned the fans on and that was it). So I re-seated the heatsink on the Northbridge on the Asus board that I removed, re-installed all of the other bits, and it has been working fine since.

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