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R5.5 - Most excellent
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Author:  jayb282 [ Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  R5.5 - Most excellent

I've been using KM for >3 years now. This was by far the best install ever. Big kudos to Cecil & the testers. Time to make another donation :)

P4 3.0ghz + ASUS mb
nVidia fx6200
DLink D520(?) 802.11g
Two DVICO fusionHDTV DVB-T lite tuner cards
MCE remote
Dual Layer DVD (LG i think?)
Samsung plasma via DVI

Only things i had to do:
-change my hardware.conf for lirc to "UseModules=false" (forget the name of the actual flag). It was enabled in my previous version.
-install my grabber.
-configure madwifi.
-turn on webmin & samba

Everything else worked *perfectly* out of the box. I wan stunned (in a good way!)

Only problems:
-no audio when playing .mp4 files thru the internal player. They work fine in MPlayer. This is a slight improvement, as the previous internal player couldn't play .mp4 *at all*.

-one of my DVB channels isn't working. I will delete and re-tune the channel when i get a chance.

-no audio when using the flash streaming in mythweb. Following the instructions from others to update ffmpeg solved that (but not playing .mp4 in the internal player).

A few suggestions for the next version to make things even easier:

-add the '' script that has been posted previously to the install. (I use this and have it on a remote button -- useful to restart the frontend when it crashes or loses it's mind).

-by default, have a samba share for the mythvideo directory

-have question during the setup to automatically enable samba (i'm guessing the majority of people use this).

-have a question during the setup to enable mythtv/root accounts in ssh.

Thats it. Very happy here :)

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